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  1. Hello new friend :D

  2. If in Finland, you go naked. No question about it. If you're shy, have ladies and mens turns, or go alone. But you go naked.


    In america you have to wear towels, pfft.

  3. Did you have a shower first? You sweat better when the skin is wet first.

    A proper sauna session is when you have a quick shower first, then stay as long as you can, cool off with a shower, repeat few times, then wash your body and hair and bask in the awesomeness with a cool drink.

  4. Haha, they're supposed to be hot! A good sauna is hot and moist, and it'll make you sweat, and the sweat pushes all the dirt out from your body, and makes your skin glowing as it makes the circulation better.


    But yeah, obviously I don't know how hot that sauna was. I like to go in at 60-80c, 60c is actually quite low for saunas. My brother, or other guys when they try to be macho, can go to about 120c. That's hot.

  5. Yo. I got you about half a kilo (bit short of a pound) of cheap salmiakki pic'n'mix from the cheap store. There's good ones but not a huge selection (I suppose they can only get a few for cheap, hah), so is that ok or do you want something else in specific? I'll still be in Finland over the weekend but I doubt I'll be on computer as much. Also, if you're alright with just the pic'n'mix, don't worry about paying back.

  6. Excellent, happy that they came that fast!

  7. That's wonderful! <3 *hugs and kisses*

  8. I don't henna my hair so that will probably go to waste with me, I tried once and it didn't work at all... But other stuff sounds nice :)

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