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  1. He's joined a year ago. I would think that's enough time. He hasn't posted very much though, which might suggest people don't know him, and might be reluctant to meet him, as well. I mean, I'm fine meeting people from the internet but after I have talked to them enough to assure myself they're people I want to meet.
  2. Right. Few things wrong here. 1) We often arrange muser meets, so really, good idea would be to put some idea of when you would like to have this meet and what would you like to do during it. 2) This is the non-muse area so if the aim of your meet-up is just to "talk about Muse", I doubt many people would be interested. Needs to be other things to do. Maybe people on main muse off-topics would be more happy just to talk about Muse? 3) If you really want to do musey things, how about just meeting up with Chris when he has his football meetings? 4) I personally object to the boldened "british musers" meet-up. Are other nationalities living in UK not wanted? For these reasons, I'm out.
  3. This might be better suited to other muse topics? I'm sure there's fans who know loads about Muse's old stomping grounds without actually being from Teignmouth.
  4. Just to let you guys know that the results ended up inconclusive Even though there was some indication to the direction I was thinking it may go, the error margin was too large to confirm anything. Apparantly this is how majority of studies end up!
  5. Hello new friend :D

  6. Thank you for all of the participants of the study! Your help is greatly appreciated. You are now free to discuss the study if you participated or were curious about it. It will be a few days more until I can analyse the answers, but let me fill you in first on what the study was about: I was given an assigment where I needed to test "peak effect" This was done before as an experiment where a group was made to hold their hands in cold water for 60 seconds. Another group held their hands first in the same temperature water for 60 seconds, then in slightly warmer (still cold!) water for further 30 seconds. It was seen that people rated the longer experiment better, even though they had to have their hands in the cold water for longer! We were told to test this with song alternative, where we should first give the participants a liked song to review, then repeat it, make then review it again, repeat a disliked song and finally ask the participants to review the original song again. We were asked to get a control group, I decided to modify it so that instead of repeating one, disliked song I would give the control group various songs to listen to. The hypothesis is that generally people would rate the same song in group 1 more, because of the unliked song and dullness of the repeat, even when the experiment was overall more dull. I thought putting the study on Muse board would be good, as everyone here likes a bit of Muse! However, it's not really as controlled as an experiment environment as a laboratory would be. Still, I gave it a go... I hope you all had fun and found it as exciting as I did! I will post the results as soon as I can
  7. Alright people, I need TWO MORE participants and then I'm done! I have been told it can take about 40 minutes to do this study rather than the 30. Regardless, if I can get two more volunteers who have that time now to listen to some music, I'd be a very happy bunny. Just pm me if you're happy doing it.
  8. Can I just make sure people are aware that the study works best when it's all done in a row-sadly because of this I might need to disregard some results that were given erratically (as in, the whole thing wasn't done in one row). However, I will be online now until around 11pm (uk time) so that's about 5 hours if anyone has 30minutes now and can take part in the study. Again, all I need is about 30minutes of your time in which I tell you songs to listen to, and for you to pm me back for the following instructions. I very much appreciate all the help I've gotten so far! I'm quite excited of the results I've gotten and the sooner I get enough people, the sooner I can tell you guys the results And please, if you have done the study, please do not discuss what you did on the board, as this will ruin the purpose of the study All will be revealed to everyone in due time!
  9. I have now gotten 12 responses which is awesome! My aim was to get to 20-30, so if there's still people who would like to take part in the study and have about 30 minutes time, please pm me!
  10. I've gotten a few responses already, thank you! You can let other people know if you're participating here but please don't let them know what it is about! I will tell all when I've gotten enough participants and they've gone through it
  11. Hello, I am doing a study in my psychology course, and I chose to do this particular study about a Muse song. I would love it if you could give about 30 minutes of your time for this study! It will require you to listen songs I ask, but you can do other things at the same time. It is likely that you will have access to the songs that I ask you to listen to on your mp3-player or such, if not, they're going to be songs you can find on Youtube or Spotify or such. If you are interested and willing, please give me a pm and I will give instructions how to go on. Thank you for your time and co-operation
  12. Haha nice, well being in a hotel it was kinda like swimwear all the way you know, I wasn't sure if I could just go in in just a towel so I didn't just in case heh.

  13. If in Finland, you go naked. No question about it. If you're shy, have ladies and mens turns, or go alone. But you go naked.


    In america you have to wear towels, pfft.

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