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  1. Hello Shuggy_r,


    My name is Pedro, and I´m looking for this sweater: http://store.muse.mu/uk/ladies-flock-logo-sweater.html

    But it is currently out of stock.


    I´d like to know if there is another place I can find it.


    Thank you in advance for your attention.


    Pedro Galán.

  2. My 006 didn't come with instructions or a certificate just a little manson works card in the case telling my to "enjoy the guitar" from Adrian. Ill get some pictures on the go when it arrives
  3. [quote name=james90 nice what spec?[/quote] Gloss red glitter, XY pad, no custom hardware, no coil tap and 3 way selector Killswitch. Should sit nicely with my Works 006 and "metallic" glitter MA-2
  4. Getting it delivered. I paid off the balance this morning and its being shipped tomorrow for a Wednesday delivery
  5. I know I can't be the only fool planning on going to all 4 Gigs, was gutted when I couldn't put my code through again this morning!
  6. Just got my Fifth generation whammy through the door today. Was insane plugging it in and not having to recalibrate the treadle! The polyphonic option on it sounds amazing too!
  7. Boom 4 Standing!!! Today I've went from having no Gigs in October to going to see 2 of my favourite bands. It's been an expensive but exciting day
  8. http://soundcloud.com/shug-of-the-dead/entropy I'm trying to score Bonus Points here... I'm getting there! See if I can get it finished and Get the Wub Wubz down on the the #006 and the MA-2 before I need to kip for download!
  9. Finding it really nice. Sounds fantastic and isn't too heavy at all. I haven't really recorded anything with it yet but should be looking to do so in the near future. Once i do I'll be sure to post some samples!
  10. After i replied i got an email telling me that I'd be in the batch for this year and sent off my deposit as it had to be paid in 7 days. James I do have the Holey Bigsby. I got the MA-2 with Rosewood neck, mirror scratchplate, MBK-2 in the bridge, FSK-101 in the neck and a 3 way toggle killswitch. All this with a black base coloured metallic glitter finish.
  11. Did anyone else get an email about the next batch of MB-1's today. Got my deposit sent away for one tonight and I've got a glitter MA-2 coming in the next 4-6 weeks. Good times!
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