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    We're all stories in the end.
  • Birthday 05/19/1969

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    You live, you die and somewhere in the middle you make a bit of a mess! Not bad for a carbon based life form.
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    In the arms of Marcus. UK. Used to be Thewitchypoo3003 . . . . . . Age: 948
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    Anything creative. Reading theories on time travel, it's all on a loop. Chaos intrigues me. Contrary to popular belief, I DO like Muse, I wouldn't have joined this board if I didn't like them. SO SHUT IT!
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    Mother, Artist, cat herder, disabled angry bird.
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    I Within, Cure, Placebo, IAMX, TheaRiley
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    What Dreams May Come, 2001, 2010, Withnail and I, Benny and Joon, Edward Scissorhands, some films by Tim Burton. STAR WARS. All the Marvel films.
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    Supernatural, Game of Thrones, Dr Who, Torchwood, Star Trek.
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    Stephen King. Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman
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    Everything plus B-sides, I ain't listing it.
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    Earls Court 2004, was a total blast. Wembly 11th September. 2010
    Best gig I've ever been to.

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