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  1. yeah, rock on, mara! unbelievable, your stamina ...
  2. i like the continuous coherence of the plot: everything is gone, the scarf, the house, the spikes, ... great storytelling wow, new design in black & gey ... imitation! what a compliment. btw, mara, have you found the time for the foxy pic?
  3. nettle - not even able to levitate or fly - a witch ?! incredible. and not the hypersensational ending nettle would have deserved ... but i'm still curious about the rest of this adventure
  4. another great page. lovely. didn't like my pm, mara? :'(
  5. *rofl* so funny, almost pissed my pants when i saw dom's desperate animal-flirt. you made my day, thx.
  6. @ mara: sorry for the delay. now all your cartoons are uploaded and visible here http://50bytespersecond.50megs.com/musecartoons.htm @ mané: do you know where i can get a bigger version of your avatar? it looks damn cool ... @ everyone & absolutely off-topic: i did a pic for a (t-shirt) design competition but it was refused. is it really that bad? would be glad to hear your (critical) opinions: http://50bytespersecond.50megs.com/windbride.htm
  7. what about "Lenoor" as nice, normal name?
  9. ... Atlanta incident ... holy sh*t, i nearly forgot to complete my Atlanta-remix of TIRO (refrain: "my blood is running out ...")
  10. your drag-queen pic is inspiring, mara. what about a modern, male version of "charlie's angels"? would be great to see matt, dom and chris working for some secret service agency.
  11. ahhhhhhhh ... the end of withdrawal symptoms! welcome back, mara! hope you had lots of fun and time to relax.
  12. @mara: great job, your cliffhanger works
  13. yeah, happy birthday from me too of course! mara, i think you'll get a problem: you remember what muse-fans like to ask every minute everyday? "can't wait for their next album"-gossip, inventing new album titles, etc. it could also happen to YOU "mara draw faster", "nah we're not impatient or too demanding we just express our fandom", "forget about your hobbies and your private life, we want more cartoons", ... a typical MUSE-ish superstar-crisis
  14. @ Melanie: you don't like my web-feature? http://50bytespersecond.50megs.com/musecartoons.htm
  15. erm, i created a Muse-encyclopaedia for my homepage with lots of useless information, just for fun ... i'm sure, it's a harmless obsession, nothing of a mental illness
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