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  1. Sucks how you guys are having problems with your copies of Hullabaloo! I ordered mine from Amazon.ca, and it's basically region-free and can play on both of my DVD players, as well as most of my computers (family computers). Strangely enough though, I wasn't able to play it on my laptop
  2. FYI fellow Torontonians: the Exogenesis EP is now available at Sunrise Records! I believe that there are 4 copies left (5 were ordered, and I picked up one today), and they are only available at the location near Eaton Centre (around Yonge and Dundas). It costs $18.99, though I was able to get a 10% discount cos the guy I called up got his info all wrong and told me it was available yesterday even though the shipment didn't come in until today. Anyways, I suggest you guys pick up a copy soon, cos they will likely all be gone pretty fast!
  3. :yesey: It's one of the key scenes in the movie. Well, for us Cillian fans if anything :chuckle:

    Ooo good sountrack, eh? I just remembered them having Smashing Pumpkin's "1979", which was pretty damn awesome. Should give the album a listen in that case.

    Ok, so according to Wiki, Peacock is set for release on April 20. Guess what I'll be downloading around that time? :awesome:

  4. Ahhh, YES! That was such a sweet moment :happy: It's probably one of my favourite movies from him because it's not too Hollywood and has a kind of a downbeat charm to it. Oh and of course! Who can forget Red Eye?! In particular, who can forget that one scene where him and Rachel Mcadams get into bit of a scuffle in a certain confined washroom stall? :eyebrows:

  5. I watched every movie you just listed (I'm a hardcore Cillian fan as well! :happy:) in addition to "The Wind That Shakes The Barley", which was GREAT. And On The Edge was brilliant as well. I have never been so attracted to a mental patient before :chuckle: And OMG, the scenes with him and the girl? *fans self*

  6. Yeah, ever since Juno, Ellen Paige is definitely getting more famous. I dunno, I guess it's cos Cillian as the lead male isn't enough to achieve mass appeal. Audiences just don't seem to be warming up to him as much as they should :indiff: Have you seen the movie "Watching The Detectives"? That was another straight-to-video movie that he did. The movie itself wasn't AMAZING, but his performance totally was, especially the part where he was pretending to be a rock star *dreamy sigh* :happy:

  7. Totally realized that I don't have you as a friend here, even though I do on Facebook :LOL:

    Man, I really ought to visit this forum more often.

  8. Indeed, he is definitely looking good :eyebrows:

    However, I was reading the discussion comments, and people were saying how the movie was going to go STRAIGHT-TO-DVD?! As good as that sounds for us (in that we get to watch it sooner), I think it deserves to be shown in theatres due to the intriguing plotline, and cos Cillian is such a brilliant actor. I guess they just didn't think that there was enough star power to garner enough interest in the movie :(

  9. OMG, is that him in drag, AGAIN? :LOL:

    The premise of the movie does sound pretty interesting however :D

  10. Oh does he now?? I know that he has some movies that he was working on, including Inception (which I REALLY want to see) with Leonardo DiCaprio, but I don't know when they come out!

  11. Merci! He is one finnne specimen of a man, isn't he? :happy:

  12. To be honest, it's rather underwhelming. I got bored of it about 30 seconds in
  13. I'm hoping that the demand will high enough that they end up putting out more copies (preferably some in Canada too!). Wishful thinking perhaps
  14. I noticed it too It's sad when the crowd cheers louder for a song like SMBH, while classics like New Born don't bring out the same level of enthusiasm You know what, at this rate, Muse are going to think that North American fans all prefer their newer material, and play less and less of their older material with every tour. Meanwhile, they're likely going to continue playing amazing songs like Bliss, Muscle Museum, Sunburn, Showbiz, and even Microcuts (it appeared on H.A.A.R.P. afterall) for UK shows.
  15. Nope, don't think so! Though I wouldn't be surprised if certain sizes were sold out. I was pretty disappointed with the merch in general. Most of the cool tees from the UK Muse Shop weren't even available
  16. Oh of course. Actually, the majority of the band tees that I've bought in the past are for guys. But I noticed that I rarely ever wore any of them, as they're just too boxy and non form-flattering. I'm not exactly a waif-thin girl, so wearing baggy clothes make me look bigger than I actually am. At the time, I didn't really mind buying guy tees and was happy just to own a shirt. Now I generally only buy the girls tees, cos I know I will feel more comfortable wearing them. But of course, that's just me. I've seen a lot of girls who look good in guys tees Personally, none of the girl shirts I have are like that. I usually take a size small, and I've gotten girl shirts that ranged from a size small to an extra large. None of them are anywhere near skin tight
  17. If you're a girl, you won't have much to choose from. At the Toronto gig, they only had 2 tees (one with the Resistance cover art, another one with an Uprising design--I think), a tank (Undisclosed Desires design) and a hoodie (a black hoodie with some sort of swirly white design). From what I recall, the tees were $35, the tank was $45, and the hoodie was $80. They also had a Resistance bag for about $40, and some other small items like keychains and Resistance cover art posters. As for the guys' selection, there were quite a lot of tees, including the MK Ultra one, some with The Resistance cover art, a hoodie with the Muse logo, and some other ones as well.
  18. Question for fellow Canadians: have any of you guys bought anything from the Muse Shop before? I'm contemplating buying the "Girls Exogenesis T-shirt", but I would like to know if anyone else has bought it and can comment on how it looks in person. http://muse.mu/shop/product/176/girl...enu/13/womens/ Also, I would like to know how much it will cost in total to have it delievered. As shown on the site, the total cost of the transaction is £27.70 (roughly $38.90 CDN), but I'm assuming that there will be additional fees once it passes through our border? Any help would be highly appreciated!
  19. Good point. Heck, they're better than the majority of the closing ceremony bands Anyways, I posted this on the Toronto ACC thread, but no one seems to be able to help me with it: Someone please help! I want the shirt sooooo badly, but not badly enough to have to pay $50+ for it
  20. Maybe then they'll be able to have a pwoper "360 degree stage" And as AchtungMuse said, it would be a good idea if they played there during the warmer months so that they can open up the roof like they did at Wembley Also, I could care less about the Grammy thing. The Grammys are such a joke
  21. I originally posted this on the Toronto ACC thread, but I figured it would be more appropriate if I posted it here instead: Any help would be highly appreciated!
  22. Tell me about it! It's sad how those artists/bands were representing Canadian culture. And you're right, Alanis and K-os were the only respectable ones. Heck, even Michael Bublee wasn't that bad. Anyways, I can think of quite a few bands/artists that should have been asked to perform instead: Sam Roberts Band, Sloan, Metric, Stars, Broken Social Scene, Arcade Fire, Malajube, Matthew Good (or preferably, Matthew Good Band), Our Lady Peace, The Stills, The Tragically Hip (I respect them, though I'm not a fan), Sarah McLachlan, and .............Prozzäk. Kidding about the last one though
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