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  1. ah right, thats cool :) thanks.


    going pretty good, in leeds right now recording and mixing new material :D yourself?

  2. Hiya, yeah I play guitar in Industry :)

  3. No worries, hope all is good :)

  4. Yeh i thought it might too! ah well, hopefully itll be another one though :p

    There's not been much of interest on guitar yet, but I hope that changes.

  5. Yeah, they seem okay, I am hoping there will be more riffy fun though.. osaka jam riff etc :)

  6. yeah, that hurt! fun though :D

  7. hahaha, yes :D its a good lol

  8. hello! went and got the 57 today, nice condition! ta :)

  9. cheers, i will probably go pick it up on monday because of crappy opening hours over the weekend ;/

    the les paul is very tasty indeed! i recorded some guitar today, and did a nin cover ;D

  10. thanks :) i think i'd better go pick it up, i might miss it if they deliver it as i live on the 3rd floor, cant hear the door so well

  11. hmm nah, dont paypal the whole £18 haha. maybe 9 if you're happy? though its neither of our faults.

  12. aha, got a letter from parcel force today. they want to charge me £18 on VAT.. wtf

  13. no i havent got it, and i havent got anything from customs yet.... gah!

  14. lol, chin fluff :D

  15. no worries about the delay. just send whatever you think is best man.

  16. ah. i heard you hate mudkipz?

  17. well, the apogee duet is a high quality interface, though yes its kinda limited, but its well known for having good ADC and DAC's. the inspire has fairly decent mic pres on it, so should be cool for what you want it to do too though, if you're just using two mic pres. my friend who sings in my band has a presonus firebox, seems very similar to the inspire, but it has more line in/outs. that runs nice and solid and is fairly good quality. im currently using a motu 828mkii, because i need a fair amount of IO (playing live we use about 8 discrete outputs and 4 or so discrete inputs).


    i have been using cubase since i started recording and i started off using cubase sx, then got sx2, then sx3 now on cubase 4, and with the release of cubase 5 just round the corner with some tasty features, i might upgrade to that too.. i used cubase LE when i first got my macbook in the period while i was waiting for cubase 4 to be delivered, it was okay but felt a bit dated and cut down after using sx3, but it depends what you want to do with it.


    the guy with the presonus firebox uses cubase sx3 on his pc laptop (cracked) but has cubase essentials 4 installed on his macbook, it seems a fairly decent version of cubase considering the pricing difference, its about £40 i think.. compared to around £400 for cubase 4.. all depends what you want to do with it (like cubase 4 has extensive monitoring facilities and offline processing, more inserts/sends and stuff like that) but if you are just laying down simple tracks you should be ok with either cubase LE or if you find it a bit limiting, then try out cubase essential 4 maybe?


    you could always look into using reaper too... its pretty damn good, and can be used for free. quite similar to cubase if you're used to that already, but theres some differences though only small.

  18. 100% fact.

    uni term finished for xmaz, yeeey

  19. trent is god.




    fact :)

  20. its like a party of people with trent reznor for an avatar in here




    well... sort of :LOL:

  21. thanks :D was not belated, was birthday yesterday :D

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