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  1. We came in at about 7.00 and they weren't even searching bags thoroughly then. I had a big-ish bag with a couple of things I knew weren't allowed (can of energy drink, can of hairspray), and the dude literally took one brief look inside and sent me on my way. Then I got to the guy with the standing wristbands, held out my ticket, he didn't even look at it, and just said "that says standing, right?" - of course I said "yes"! It actually WAS a standing ticket but I reckon I could have blagged a wristband out of him anyway. I also can't remember anyone checking my wristband during the multiple times I went up/down from pitch level to toilets and drinks. Weird that security were so lax on entry yet so intense with crowd control. We left half way through Knights and breezed straight through the groups of security with stop/go signs but it was SO tightly organised that it was almost scary. Either way, that 'moving barricade' thing they did with letting people onto the pitch was just overkill. It's obvious what they were trying to achieve, and the health & safety perspective is understandable - after all, when in the history of ever has anyone at a gig ever slowed down when being told not to run? - but the amount of manpower that went into it is ridiculous. It also raises questions over whether it would've been safe if people had started pushing... presumably they would have just broken the chain and let people through, but you don't know. It also pained me to see people aiming for the middle, thinking they were getting the best spot, when the entrances to the golden circle were at the sides. I've never seen anything like that before anyway... will be interesting to see if they do it again in Bristol on Wednesday, or if it was just a London Stadium thing.
  2. So it looks like I'll definitely be doing this one as well on Wednesday. Couldn't sell my ticket, then got offered a lift there and back, then went to the London gig yesterday and... yeah. MORE PLEASE. I've never actually been to Bristol, so it'll be nice to see somewhere new :)
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