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  2. I took my mum to a muse gig 2 weeks ago...we had reserved seats...at the end of it she said to me she rather been in the Mosh pit haha:LOL: my mum is so totally cool for 57
  3. if u go to this site http://www.misconstruedthoughts.com/ then go to "Music" then go to "artists and interviews" then go to "muse" go down till u see the pic of tom and the other guy and click on the blue links in the text.
  4. Manager he is the guy that takes all the photos and does stuff with the site and stuff...he is a very good friend of matt dom and chris as well you could say.
  5. yeah and u had monstar as well i think but i stuffed that one...tried to get out of it but nope lol...sorry
  6. I know u say u are matt online don't u!!!! you should of told me cause i kinda said that you wasn't matt
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