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  1. I'm in the queue, easily 600/700+ deep now.
  2. I'll see y'all there (My first post here in a very long time)
  3. Happy birthday! :party:

  4. It is wholly understandable, because demand outweighs supply for any European tour, for the band/management to desire to tip the scales towards fans. As musicians, I'm certain it's in their interests to perform in front of those who adore their music. Muse are neither a small or a young band. Consequently, I expect them to shoulder more responsibility when it comes to dealing with fans as they grow older. As others have mentioned, signing up with promoters like SJM is profitable, but makes fans bitter as thousands of tickets inevitably end up on eBay and numerous reseller sites. If Muse (from here on, I mean both the band and management) want to be remembered for rewarding fans for their loyalty, they simply need to do more. An ID system is neither beyond the logistics or expense of a band like Muse. As an example, see Radiohead's recent tour announcement and subsequent sale. Or make it collection only. Or set a lower maximum per person, per order, per email. In short, Muse need to take control. Muse are an exquisite live band, but, now that most tickets have sold out, I refuse to see them by giving money to those who take away from music fans.
  5. Hey fellow Musers. I've bought a day ticket for tomorrow as a last minute thing but I am thoroughly unprepared - I have no wellies! Argos in Hammersmith are sold out and shops aren't open until 11 so, does anyone know if I'll be able to buy some at the festival or somewhere in Reading beforehand? Alternatively, if anyone is there right now ... any chance I won't need wellies?
  6. happy b-day! =)

    Best wishes!

  7. unfortunately i've already sold it

  8. already sold the ticket, sorry

  9. very interested, will pay 55 if sell to me!



  10. The other ticket has been swapped...

    Are you interested in swapping for a Thursday standing?

  11. Yes please... That would be great!

    Would you like me to contact Kajeeves, who has the Friday Standing tickets or will you?

    Once again thanks so much :-)

  12. I have a standing ticket for Thursday 12th, are you interested? And i am desperate for a seated ticket on Thurs

    Please get in touch


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