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    Aberdeen, Scotland, UK
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    Music, films, art/photography, rugby, computer games and stuff.
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    Deftones, Karnivool, Muse, Birds Of Tokyo, Korn, Breed 77, QOTSA, RATM, Crosses, Team Sleep, Kasabian, Iced Earth and many more.
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    LOTR Trilogy, V For Vendetta, Hot Fuzz, Shaun Of The Dead, Gone in 60 Seconds, Snatch, Leon, Blade Trilogy, Underworld 1 & 2, 12 Monkeys, Fight Club, 28 Days/Weeks Later, The Bone Collecter.
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    The Walking Dead, NCIS, Dexter, Top Gear, American Horror Story, Homeland and Family Guy.
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    All albums, most b-sides and about half their CD/DVD singles.
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    06.11.06 - P&J Arena, Aberdeen.
    26.10.12 - The O2 Arena, London
    25.05.13 - Emirates Stadium, London
    26.05.13 - Emirates Stadium, London
    01.06.13 - Etihad Stadium, Manchester
  1. Is there bridge cameras that can use filters? If so, what are the best ones?
  2. I'll be flying from Aberdeen. I can't wait! Would love to go on the 27th aswell but I bought tickets for a show in Edinburgh a few months beforehand.
  3. i have joined ur derren brown club....tis awesome

  4. I first met Derren back in 2006 in Aberdeen after his SWTWC show. He signed my programme. He's such a lovely, down to earth guy who you can't put a bad word against. I met him again in 2007 after An Evening Of Wonders. Well I didn't really 'meet' him, I just watched him chat to other fans and signing their programmes. I didn't go upto him for a second time as I thought it'll be cheeky asking for an autograph 2 years in a row. As you can probably tell, he's the only well known guy I've met.
  5. Yeah, I went to see that show live back in 2007. The whole show was amazing, espacially the Oracle act which had my jaw on the floor.
  6. Cheers! Derren FTW!!!

  7. I so just joined your Derren group

  8. I love chocolate and I don't care if it's unhealthy. Twirl's are my favourite. Bring back Wispas again!
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