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  1. I saw them at Newport Centre on the Origin of Symmetry tour, although as mentioned above it's touch and go whether that'll happen again this time, even with the tickets supposedly acquired!
  2. Well, I screwed this up horrendously. Went to buy tickets but it wouldn't let me use a new card, so I used an old credit card... but that was already registered with Ticketmaster, so it wouldn't let me enter the details again. And if I attempted to start the process from scratch, they were probably going to be gone by the time I got there. So my mum purchased the tickets for me... only for me to discover the strict non-negotiable rule about needing to present the card that was used (not a problem) AND the photo ID relating to that card (rather more of a problem, assuming they check the face). So I've given them the full explanation, including the details of the card used, and my one that I tried to use. A response can take up to 3 days, but I suspect they're going to be inflexible. I've given them incontrovertible evidence that this isn't a touting thing but suspect it's a case of "no exceptions" so that they don't spend days answering loads of "yeah, but" queries. Which will mean a refund, and two new tickets for someone out there. Ah well.
  3. Lots of people said this about The Streets when it turned out that they were going to support at Wembley. Then took it all back when they turned out to be ace (check the forums from back then to see if if I'm making this up). Dizzee is great live. Just enjoy him.
  4. Erm, isn't that the preferable way round? You can't afford them now but they're still available (and fingers crossed that'll be the case when you have the money), and when they sold out quickly you at least had a punt at getting them... I could have missed the point here.
  5. Booked. For anyone getting the waiting message, you can refresh it yourself rather than waiting for the manual refresh. I suspect most if not everyone on here probably knows that but thought I'd mention it in case.
  6. Well. When I first got the rear view tickets (having failed to get anything first time out), the thought was "better than nothing". Turned out to be the best view I've ever had of a gig like this. And they were half the price of the front view seats. Win! I was another person shouting "play them both" at the roulette wheel skit. I can't remember the last gig I went to where they didn't (well, since Stockholm Syndrome came into being at any rate...) Ridiculously good gig, obviously. The first time I saw them, they were playing to 20 people... and there's no way I'd want them to go back to the small venue days! Bring on the stadium tour.
  7. I went on the Saturday and The Joy Formidable said they didn't play on Friday because she lost her voice. Was looking through this thread to see if another band stepped in at the last minute but can't see anything... did you get another band or no support?
  8. Can anyone that went advise whether it looks like you'll miss out on anything (visually) if you've got a rear view seat?
  9. See Tickets put me through this each and every time. I have so many stories, and I only use them when there's no alternative (like for the presale this time). I'm on holiday next week and they're sending them by a method of delivery that means your tickets are returned if you don't pick them up within a week. So they've left it last minute again and if they arrive on Saturday, they'll be gone by the time I get back. I'll then have four days to chase round after it. And See Tickets are never helpful on the phone, promise calls back that they never make, and refuse to give names/ put you through to people that can actually help. They could argue that they only send the tickets when they get them, except they do it for everything. I'm waiting for Manics tickets which are just standard printed tickets. I could fill pages with my stories of past dealings with See Tickets, and it seems that they're putting Reading Festival ticket holders through the same palaver...
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