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  1. Finally got the code from customer service email and looks like loads are still available so stick with it
  2. That is total crap if the first presale has sold out already when it seems so many of us didn’t even get the code in the first place. No reply from customer service, Totally hacked off and not looking forward to the 1pm scrum
  3. I’m getting delivery failure on the Warner bros email address
  4. Still no code. Has anyone got a code for London or just Birmingham? Just want 2 seats for London and this is driving me mad
  5. How did you get the code? Email? I’ve still not got anything and the previous one doesn’t work
  6. suzyjj


    Me neither.
  7. I preordered the album via the official site and haven’t got a code for the 9am presale only the fan one for later tomorrow. Has anyone received a 9am one yet?
  8. How did all you guys get tickets at 8am when mine said presale starts at 9? Clearly I’ve missed something and gutted. Suffice to say I got absolutely nothing
  9. It’s screening on my birthday . Where can I find a list of the UK cinemas?
  10. That was all a bit too frantic for my likely. Fortunately I got lucky and selected best available as just wanted any tickets and got 2 standing. Happy to swap these for seats
  11. Absolutely brilliant gig and a breeze driving back. I applaud all you standing, particularly near the front..... It looked insane! I was in a block side stage and great view. Thankfully everyone stood up from the start which didn't seem to be the case with all the seating.
  12. Can someone tell me how to change my email address please. I've been a member since 2004 and never had to do it! :confused:
  13. So glad no-one took me up on my offer of swapping standing standing for seats, they looked way back! Stood back for a bit then moved in for awhile then back again cos not tall enough to see unless right at the front. Went to both nights at Emirates and not expecting a replica. Had a very fun time and bonus was that friend and I legged it thinking it was over only to hear them start TIRO so ran back and ended up next to stage. Couldn't have wished for a better ending!
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