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  1. I heard he the bottom string of Matts guitars was a .50
  2. I've also heard there's a diffrence in sound if you're using a battery or a power supply.
  3. Hmmm the Boss LS-2 will still color the sound, I'd rather go for a true bypass pedal. Any advice on a cheap true bypass loop pedal?
  4. Right, so I'm planning on making myself an effects board with room for future effects. First off I need to know what order to put them in. Currently have: MXR Phase 90, Boss DS-1, Boss DD-3 (in that order). I'm gonna add a whammy in about a week. Later on I'll be adding a Fuzz Factory, Wah and big muff. Any idea's? I've read that the FF and whammy should be somewhere first in the chain.
  5. From lastfm: Stockholm syndrom 254 times Hysteria 182 times Bliss 177 times
  6. Not the exact quote but it's from the lowlands 06 interview: Keep in mind that in Holland, the dark room is a room in some pervert club where gay people have sex (dunno the english term ) Interviewer (woman): "So I heard you were inspired by some of the clubs in new york and SMBH came from that?" Matt: "Yeah they have this place called "the dark room" and..." Interviewer: ** interrupts ** "The dark room?!?!" Matt: "You've been there?" Interviewer: "I'm a girl I'm not allowed to go in there..." Matt:
  7. Assassin, citizen erased, stockholm, hoodoo, exo-politics (pounding!), apocalypse please.
  8. Thnx for the advice, but I already bought an Epiphone. Les Paul Standard Plus, which sounds a whole lot better then my previous guitar, even on my shitty amp. We'll see how it sounds on my tube amp when I get my cabinet.
  9. Ok so I just got a Boss DD-3 and I'm trying to figure out the settings of TIRO. Anyone got some good settings that I can use? Thnx in advance.
  10. Well it depends on how serious you are about playing the guitar. If you plan to keep playing till you die then I suggest you go with the 112. If you want to try to learn guitar but you're not sure if you're gonna keep playing guitar (ie: it seems harder then you thought) then I suggest you get the 012 package. I started with an Ibanez starter pack and I regret it. I was really serious about guitar playing and I was pretty sure I would be playing for a long time to come. Starter pack amps are really shitty and I would suggest you buy something better which has sound descent sound to it. It will cost some more but then again, you probably wont have to upgrade as soon. I don't mean go tube instantly but you can get a descent 30W combo amp for about €200, which would be about 130 pounds (I guess). Compare this with this and make a decision.
  11. OK so lemme get this straight. You put a FF before a whammy because a FF sounds shitty with anything before it (except a phaser). If I choose to buy a Big Muff, it's better to put it after the whammy because a whammy will suck my distorted tone and you don't notice it on clean.
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