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  1. My hubby is 46 (47 in 2 weeks). So don't worry, there will be some of us "oldies" there is well I saw Muse for the first time back in 2000! We will be Standing on Saturday (seated on Friday). The Berrocca is a good tip, thanks!
  2. Thanks for letting us know! I never come on the forum anymore but thought this would be a good place to find the actual start time (ticket only says doors open at 18:00)... and here I find my answer within 30 seconds
  3. I am completely bankrupt now but hey, I will be seeing my favourite band 2 nights in a row. On the 8th seated and on the 9th standing. Should be interesting to see how different the perspective of the stage will be...
  4. I am so bloody upset. I never got a mail from Crowdsurge for the muse.mu pre-sale. I mailed them yesterday to complain, asking them to confirm if I have been successful or unsuccessful and for link to pre-sale of this morning through Livenation. Then this morning they finally answered and mailed the the pre-sale link for the UK at 10:38 (too late anyway)! We then tried endlessly the whole morning to buy tickets through the general sale but with absolutely no luck :( Luckily I managed to get tickets for the HAMBURG show now as my fiance and I are both massive Muse fans and are definitely not going to miss out on seeing them on this tour. But still VERY upset that we won't be seeing them in our own city. Plus the extra cost of getting to/from Hamburg and staying over. But that is a price we are willing (and luckily can afford) to pay to see our favourite band. This was NOT a pleasant experience AT ALL. The fan pre-sale of the 2009/2010 tour was soooooo much better! And this experience lead to a lot of disappointment for some of us who have been fans for over 10 years! Not happy at all :(
  5. Yes if someone could please also send me the link...
  6. I applied for tickets in the pre-sale but got absolutely no e-mail. What the??? I can't stand the uncertainty!!! AAARGH!
  7. Same for me. No e-mail saying whether I have been successful or not, no money taken from account. If anybody could please send me the link for the pre-sale of The Netherlands (Amsterdam) then it would be much appreciated! Conclusion: not happy with this pre-sale method AT ALL as I have absolutely no idea whether I have tickets now or not and if I should be trying for tickets during the general sale tomorrow. Not cool at all!!!
  8. Quick question to you guys because there is a discussion going on the Uno forums that Zornik is a rip-off of Muse, Muse wannabe's etc etc... what do you guys think? (sorry that this in english but I don't feel like typing in dutch today)
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