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  1. Just posted a seat ticket I am selling for this show in the MuseBay thread if anyone's interested. Section 106, Row 18, Seat 13.
  2. Ok, I'll give that a shot when I get home. I know I have active selected in my settings right now. The thing is I've tried downloading it from just about every person who's sharing it. I'm able to download & upload files from and to other users, and many of them have been resumed too, I just don't get why it's just that file. I think my computer just hates me and doesn't want me to have the video. Thanks for trying anyways
  3. Ok, I have a problem. I have over half of the Almost Acoustic Christmas video downladed but for some reason, I don't know why, whenever I try to finish downloading it from anyone, it starts downloading for like 30 seconds & then goes away. It's really annoying & really confusing. I don't know if it's my computer or the program or what, but if anyone knows whats wrong, I'd really appreciate the help! Thanks in advance
  4. Hey, I was just wondering if it's possible to resume a download if you get kicked offline? I was in the middle of downloading the almost acoustis christmas performance when my computer froze. I know I have to wait for another slot to open up but when it does, will I be able to resume the download from where it stopped? Thanks in advance Really great thing you guys have going on here.
  5. hehehe! Yeah, that's quite true...though Christmas shouldn't be about the presents... Birthday's are what's all about presents! Oh & cake! Can't forget the cake.
  6. You know...I never thought of it that way....it sounds much better like that:p
  7. Yeah, even though I am used to it, it still sucks I'm pretty much always in school on my b-day, though last year it was on saturday or sunday, I think...but yeah, I would'nt like to have my birthday around christmas...less presents
  8. hee! awesome! cept for that my b-day is on the first day of school :'(
  9. Erm...dahlink?? lol, I'm guessing this is directed towards me...anyways, thanks so much!!
  10. First, you need to upload it to an online server. If it is 250k & under in size, you can use Photobucket or if it's bigger, pics.xs.to Then once you get it uploaded, you can just post the url in here, & people will be able to see it.
  11. aww thanks much Bassist Glad I could make it difficult for you
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