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  2. Hobo

    Stade de Suisse 02/06/10

    There's no way they still need to play Starlight and MOTP at every gig....then there's Feeling Good. And even if they couldn't bring themselves to drop those, they could rotate a couple of other oldies in Unintended and Take A Bow's positions. Anyone agree?
  3. Hobo

    Stade de Suisse 02/06/10

    I think the disappointment comes from the fact that we know they're more than capable of bringing back old rarities as a one-off, they've played the likes of Dead Star, Ruled By Secrecy and even Can't Take My Eyes Off You in the past few months. So when they set up a method of allowing the fans to vote for the songs they'd most like to see, give the impression that at least one will be part of the set, then can't even be bothered to play a couple of old staples like CE and Bliss, you've got to wonder what they're playing at.
  4. Hobo

    Stade de Suisse 02/06/10

    So hang on, am I right in thinking the following; Dom acknowledges that we'll kick off if they don't play the songs people voted for, so they go ahead and don't play the songs people voted for? wut.
  5. I think number 2 would be more appropriate. Edit: lolz, I thought this was for NSC, Bliss isn't at all poo. As you were.
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