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  1. I have a copy of Absolution with the incorrect track listing on the back (7. Hysteria , 8. Interlude) Would this sell for much on ebay? Its not mint, but has both discs, the hinge on the case is wobbly but someone could put it all in a new case if they are able to.


    Edit: Just noticed the poster above asking about an Aus version. Mine is the UK one with the CD/DVD, does that make a difference?


    Edit 2: I also have a copy of Muscle Museum 1, is this worth anything?

  2. One tiny regret if any was knowing beforehand through word of mouth in the queue that The Groove had been sound-checked. The shock of hearing it without knowing would have been amazing


    I didn't know and I basically lost my shit when I realised what it was :D

    I don't think many people around me knew what it was though, nor fury or dead star. They probably thought they were new songs!

  3. Wow! What an amazing night. It was until we got back to our car anyway :( We found our car had been broken into. Anyone else hear of anyone getting their car getting broken into too? Ruined what had been an amazing night really :( We didn't loose too much between us, but still. The twats stole my work uniform, I'm back in work in a few hours time with no work shoes, should be interesting.


    We parked in the multi story car park opposite the venue and our car was fine. Didn't notice any broken in to. Where did you park?


    Best gig ever! I was stood at the side next to the bar and when the crowd surged forward I was so glad not to be in that! I like my space and my feet on the floor! :)

  4. Well I had to split the pictures up - the three pictures together (in that order) cover from about 4:40 to about 4:54. You'll probably want to do that exactly as it is in those pictures, but it depends.


    Don't quote me on any of this though, I just took that out of the BHAR tab book, but it looks correct :p


    Haha okay thank you very much! To have to all I need to have ponder on change of place, that won't fit as a few notes on my collar bone!

  5. Hello


    I need help, I want a tattoo of the music notes for the guitar for when it goes "no ones going to take me alive" but I can't find it and I'm not a guitar player so not so sure what I'm looking at either!


    Please help


    *puts out tray of cookies and pizza*

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