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  1. Embedding pictures:


    you need to use tags around the image, say you have a link to your forum picture:




    Then you wrap [ img ] and [ /img ] (remove the spaces) around the image. Alternately, in post box you can see this yellow symbol insertimage.gif, click that and paste the link!

  2. In the thread, write a reply posting the link. (in your case: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIjJxwy5q8E )


    You can put the link between [y t ] and [ / y t ] tags to make it an embedded video.(remove the spaces)



  3. You can share it in the thread - but we do not have any official connection to the band or website which would allow you to share it elsewhere. The cover thread is the right place for it and considering the player's age I'm sure people might like it :)

  4. why thank you again :D yup, it's that time of the year again :chuckle:

  5. The chocolate is awesome :D

  6. Such a section has been tried in the past, but was removed due to the spammy nature, making it very difficult to moderate. It was before my time though!

  7. You should learn how to multiquote dude!

  8. Hey, regarding the ending of Reapers: check out the live video

  9. Thanks! Yay someone on the board saw it :chuckle:

  10. Excellent! :D let me know if you require full albums from artists ;)

  11. Excellent! You know Louis XIV is also Jason Hill (Vicky Cryer) right?

  12. Dan moet ik weten waar je het over hebt :D

  13. It's not very subtle, I guess it's always better to err on the side of caution. The board has a lot of people with long and very sensitive toes ;)

  14. As a suggestion for replacement vocabulary I present you: :"wrecked" :happy:

    e.g.: "Madrid (CL winners) among other teams (+got) wrecked".

  15. I've got a nice torrent of that Sigur Ros gig ;)

  16. get your ass on skype

  17. Thank you very much!

  18. Sorry if I read your post a bit too condescending; the thread's been a bit negative (with idiot calling etc), so I may've been a bit on edge ;)

  19. I would say that if you get a decent bass guitar, you could record directly to line in. Then you could re-amp it (analogue or digital) to your liking. Guitar Rig has some okay-ish bass amps, but nothing beats the real thing imho. A nice pre-amp such as the aguilar tone port could work really well in a studio to recreate an amp sound. A selection would give you more tonal abilities (but that's more something for chedda innit?)

  20. I've taken over for Sammy... with Tom! ;)

  21. Happy Birthday?

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