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  1. Hey i like this. I dont no much about this kind of music so i cant compare it to anything, but its really interesting. You know what game is great to play with this....SSX 3, heh. Whos the guy that comes on and says, "please prepare for some turbulens"? Good stuff
  2. Yeh i know, i didnt say i was against him for having single pedals its his choice. But i was just giving my opinion like i said.
  3. And why cant you plug and play with a multi effects. Theres a bit of editing to find the sound you want but thats the same with single pedals. And i was just writing my opinion so id prefer you didnt call it bollocks.
  4. Haha, you only think "real" pedals are what everyone should use ebcause thats the way all guitar purists think and i suppose it will never change. And what do you mean "without all the hassle of one", multi effects take out all the hassle that single pedals produce. And intersting stuff you say? Apart from never eharing any of my stuff if a multi effects can turn on 9 effects at once id call that quite interesting. Id call it quite interesting being able to use and combine different amps without having to spend 1000s of pounds on them. Please dont take this as if im having a go, sinlge pedals are fine if thats what you want and they do have benefits that mutli effects dont have. But i think your hatred of multi effects is unjustified.
  5. You didnt happen to own a gt6 before hand did you. I was wondering if its any better.
  6. Theyre a band, they play the kind of music, dont get me wrong its good stuff, really interesting.
  7. Monotheism sounds like squirril nut zippers, and for the guy trying to remember what muse song it sounds like its Uno.
  8. Touch the sun sounds sorta like glassjaw. Nice and quirky, good stuff. Ill have a listen to some other stuff later.
  9. Its nice stuff mate but alot of the lyrics are a bit suspiciously similiar to Muse. Otherwise really nice. Man nearly each one of your songs has muse lyrics in it. To dominichoward: your song is really cool, you can really hear all the influences in there its great.
  10. At the end of microcuts you can hear matt doing pitchshifting in the background which i never noticed before...its so quite i dunno what it adds to the overall sound.
  11. If anyone has a kareoke mode on their hi fi then switch it on and you can hear the keyboard effect he uses for the stolkhol riff, its quite strange, works forother songs too u can hear really coold stuff you wouldnt normally.
  12. Dont want to create a new thread for this as its kind of on topic. Has anyone built/want to build another effect into a guitar (other than the ones matt has) and found it beneficial?
  13. Biohazard i know your annoyed but if you really dont care what other people think then stop replying to the other guys threads its just syupid.
  14. I was just wondering cos it sounds good. And benneh rescue is a cool song, should sound good when you get a singer.
  15. Hey haze you guys sound pretty good, i thought u said u hadnt been together that long? Pluk your band sound cool too and intravenus your stuff is really well done. Did u record it in a studio or was it a home recordng?
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