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  1. aw man just come on over to chicago! it's like a party out here with all this water spilling into the streets... ...we may just have to move practice upstairs in case we're in danger of drowning....ugh
  2. yeah we weren't entirely happy with the mixes...there's several problems with them. we're going back in to do a few more tracks and remix the old ones. it was about 4 AM and we had been in there since 11 AM...needless to say, your ears go a little dead after a while... ...there's actually no bass guitar on any of the recordings, regardless. it's all synths ...and i never really thought that we sounded like muse, either...but i just thought it was cool that someone made the comparison. i would just say that if you dig muse, you might dig us as well. thanks though!
  3. Check out mine, 48sin. The drummer for Stabbing Westward was checking out our tunes the other day, and the first thing he said to me was, "sounds like a heavier version of muse....heard of them?" but in fairness, i wrote these tunes at least a year before i even heard of muse. so, i'm not trying to copy anybody....anyway, there's mp3s at http://www.48sin.com
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