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  1. I think it's been a justifiable increase in prices over the years, although £65 is pushing the upper limits of what I would be happy to pay. I only paid £17.50 the first time I saw Muse, but I'm willing to bet that along with the cost of the stage, arena hire etc, the size of their crew has doubled or tripled since then. All of those people need to be paid a fair wage for the length of the tour.
  2. Bercy was the first time I've been seated for a Muse show so although it meant I could better take in the amazing stage set-up, not being in amongst the craziness of the front of the pit dampened my overall experience. So so happy they played Falling Down, seeing it live was beautiful. (Now if only they'd sack off Undisclosed Desires and replace it with another surprise from Showbiz/OOS...) I've been so used to them being more aloof and reticent on stage, so it was a shock to see Matt suddenly develop into a showman: running around with a just a mic mugging off to the camera while singing and holding hands with fans on the barrier etc. I was disappointed there was no guitar in Follow Me, and interested to see Morgan playing the guitar parts in Starlight - made me miss the days when they played live as a three-piece. My highlight though was Animals, it sounded IMMENSE and the visual of the City trader having a breakdown was moving. Dom's ninja moves during Uprising also didn't disappoint ** Also I've never experienced an arena show with unreserved seating: the crazy rush for the best seats is like the rush for the barrier! When the doors opened I was one of the first hundred or so people to get in and we were all sprinting the whole length of the arena concourse almost knocking over those people selling earplugs, and then turbo-charging down the stairs to grab the seats closest to Matt.
  3. I'm grateful for getting Falling Down, but I feel like last night would have been a much better show if only: - Bliss replaced Starlight in the encore - Starlight replaced Undisclosed Desires in the main set - Explorers was replaced by something like B&H
  4. Two days to go! Terrierka if there isn't a luggage deposit at Bercy, there is one at Gare de Lyon nearby.
  5. I didn't pay much attention to this on the album preview, it just sounded like background music. But I just sat down and listened to it with my headphones on and wow... suddenly it's one of my favourites on the album.
  6. On the BHAR tour they must have played at least 15 arena dates in the UK alone, compared with 5 dates this time round. If each venue has an average capacity of 15,000, there were 225,000 tickets available for UK dates in 2006 compared with just 75,000 UK tickets on this tour (so far). Considering they are even more popular now than they were 6 or 7 years ago, I guess it was inevitable there were going to be a lot of disappointed fans without tickets.
  7. Actually I think Hysteria is really good live. But I digress. Amazing show tonight!
  8. We got Stockholm Syndrome, Hysteria and BLISS! Three songs i had given up hope of hearing. So so so happy. Dom and Chris seemed bored at the beginning (especially during Resistance) but it turned into an amazing show after that. And i loved Matt's story about his dad playing here in the 60's!
  9. As long as we get Stockholm Syndrome I'll be happy.
  10. This. If they played even just one wild card song every night of the tour, almost everyone complaining would be a lot happier with the setlist. Plus it would add make the anticipation before the show so much greater.
  11. Yeah I'm really wondering about the reluctance to play pretty much anything from pre-2004 apart from PIB and TIRO as well. Is it uncomfortable? In the same way that digging up the past and reading a diary you wrote ten years ago would make you cringe, does singing lyrics you wrote ten years ago have the same effect? Or are they just fed up of the songs?
  12. I would forgive them almost anything if only they would play for just an extra five minutes and squeeze Bliss into setlists on a regular basis again. It's not like I'm asking to hear Space Dementia again, or freaking Map of Your Head. Just Bliss. Pleeaase.
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