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  1. Sorry for missing this last night! It's just called Travelodge Manchester Central Arena Hotel, search for hotels in Manchester on the Travelodge website and it'll come up.
  2. Â ALREADY!? I booked my rooms about an hour before I posted that! Â Edit: The Ancoats and Central ones haven't gone up yet, they are only round the corner.
  3. Yeah I'm a bit perplexed about advance tickets being standing only when I'll be having a blind mate with me, he however is well up for standing though if we get them, probably more than I am these days! I would advise anyone thinking about staying over in Manchester after the gig to book hotels NOW. Once the tickets go on general sale I reckon the hotel managers will cotton on to what's going on and bump up the prices like last time. The Travelodge next to the Arena currently have rooms at £19, even if you don't get a ticket it's almost worth having anyway!
  4. Happy Birthday! :party:

  5. Maximus

    Funny Moments

    Um, thats the point I was making! I realised this after the gig!
  6. Maximus

    Funny Moments

    Me "correcting" my mate who asked if Ruled By Secrecy is from the new album. "No, its from Origin Of Symmetry, its nearly ten years old!" Was my reply.
  7. Their forum is probably rigging it too, that's the problem I have with polls like this! I would have Jimi Hendrix or Kevin Shields top
  8. happy birthday!! =)

  9. Wow, that guy seems to have a big chip on his shoulder anyway. The way I see it is the interviewer even with help from a "fan" went completely over the top with the props and jokes. I would probably be a bit perturbed as well. To hold a grudge for so long (and also to blame Matt for the MTV editing, which isn't anything to do with him) is pretty sad really. He doesn't have to like the band, but his grudge is pretty lame.
  10. Maximus

    Glastonbury 2010

    I'm sorry, and I know not everyone will ever think that it was a good performance, but just a couple of opinions (which people are entitled to I know!) I've read along this thread just frustrate me. I think Muse did all they needed to. The set-list wasn't the worst I've ever seen, it could have done without guiding light though! (O2 London Friday last November? I was there and thought it was a poor set by their standards, Saturday was brilliant) The Edge's appearance was pretty special, and the crowd made it better as well, it doesn't always just have to be the band that makes it special for me. I don't think that was shineybee's intention, I think they just mean't that he doesn't seem to generate the ticket sales Muse do, it doesn't mean he isn't as good (I certainly wouldn't agree there!)
  11. That sucks, I, love Muse to bits but Guiding Light and Starlight are just dire. I love Undisclosed Desires (and the way Matt builds in to it was cool at the O2) but it is sort of in a shit sandwich on that set list.
  12. Funny how this song starts playing as I'm reading this thread! Its also one of my favorite b-sides too, the bass riff is just so good! I've just put it on my Muse compilation album I'm putting together.
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