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  1. maybe kind of a stupid question, but if i want to velcro my ff to my guitar with industrial strength velcro, will that mess up the finish on the guitar and/or ff? i just wanna make sure before i stick it on there...
  2. anyone got fx advice for the guitar on dark shines? i know he uses the trumpet effect for the two solos, but for the intro it just says "distortion" on the sheetmusic. peace be with you.
  3. hey, just got my fuzz probe, and im just wondering if anyones got ideas for settings on different muse songs. pib i've got except for the squealing in the beginning... not sure how to work that one to get the right sound. otherwise, just ideas for new born, hyper music, erm... anything else anyone wants to suggest. u can pm me if nobody else wants to hear about it
  4. sorry to bring up another problem, but im just not sure about which one to get, FF or FP, but i was wondering... if i bought a FF, could i still do the different feedbacky sounds like in the beginning of plug-in baby? or is that only possible with the probe/fiddling with the knobs while playing? how does the volume on my guitar actually affect the sound/feedback? thanks, just trying to decide whether its really worth it to buy the FP over the FF...
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