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  1. I know it's been a long wait, but for everyone here that has been waiting for the next Battle Circus single- it's finally here!! You can hear it first at our Myspace page Hope you like it- let me know what you think! Ryan Battle Circus http://www.battlecircus.com
  2. I play bass (still trying to assemble all my gear for a picture in the 'Pictures of your gear' thread ... we have another single out very soon- will post it for you guys when it's done.
  3. battle circus was the name of our first song, before we actually had a name and just called ourselves "circus band"... it's also the name of a humphrey bogart film that our singer was watching at 3am one morning we'll be recording another single soon, so i'll make sure to put it online for everyone to listen to check http://www.battle-circus.com for more info
  4. My band Battle Circus just won a radio competition to spend a week in the studio recording our debut single, Send In The Clones. So here it is- let me know what you think. Lots of things Muse fans will like I'm sure- big guitars, soaring piano etc Send In The Clones (3.4MB - MP3)
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