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  1. wooow.. I never heard of that before. And my brother is studying pharmacy!! sounds good though, but I reckon that they aren't sold here in the Netherlands. I'll ask my brother
  2. 14 hours?! I hope you'll survive!! And falling away with kiernan, caffiene pills? do they exist? I didn't know that! Hope they did the job for you
  3. I had French presentation yesterday.. I'm still hanging in it I guess ooeeh yes! That movie. We're going to make a 'horror' movie with a murderer and other stuff! I think its going to be good fun! I'm the make up artist and can make up the murderer Marilyn Manson style! Next week is filming, and the week after that editing, but then I'm on the beach in Italy! It was this, or making math/history projects.
  4. hmm.. no.. I mostly hear Sing for Absolution. Well.. Time is running out also quite a lot.. but S4A the most I think hehe, I like your username
  5. Just because everything! bonjour! ça va? Moi, je suis pas bien. I really really really REALLY hate this testweek.. really frustrating.. but one more day.. just one.. and I have 'vacation' (well.. project week, but I'm going to help to make a movie) I voted Miss Blee! Gooo Sapphire!!
  6. well thats that then! when is your boyfriend moving GBS?
  7. Matt is the author of the songs, and does a hell of a good job! Its just funny to see that the 'frontman' always gets the most attention.
  8. Cool! 'Your music is ART' well said Its remarkable.. most people say: 'Love you Matt, love you Muse!' And not Chris or Dom or something.. always Matt who's in front. Doesn't matter, but it eeh.. how do you call it? sticks out!! Nothing wrong of course
  9. are you going to Live8?! Have fun in England!!
  10. I have heard Muse 1 time on the Dutch radio.. with Time is running out... was nice
  11. thank you! You have to have a dream/wish in your life right? Why are you here then on Earth? I just keep on teling myself that I should think positive.. and mostly.. I do!
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