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  1. it was something like matt: i dont think i am am i? dom: well you wear womens clothing matt say something that makes what dom says make sense and is the main part of the quote which i have forgotten... Dom: and when i try to kiss you you dont like it lol
  2. Dom: if i got bit by a snake... would you such out the poison? Matt: yeah, i know first aid *launches into a full conversation with himself about what do do if someone is choking etc and mouth to mouth...* but drowning thats a different matter * launches into conversation again* (after about half a colum) so yeah i'd suck it out. Dom: what if it bit me on my knob? Matt: then i'd let you die. ah he's all take and no give dunno if its been posted, couldnt be arsed to look through them all sorry
  3. endlessly! i really dont think it gets credit at all! and it damn well should its one of those dare to be differenbt songs and they pull it off brilliantly i love it.
  4. ok this has probably been posted but on the radio edit for time is running out on radio one..... M: "ok this was inspired by Billy Jean by micheal jackson" *laughter* I: " right matt bellamy thank you very much" M: "cheers" made me laugh quite a considerable amount. the fishing bit on hullaballo still favorite tho "Dom DOM! i got a pwoper fish dom look a pwoper fish!" *SPLASH*...*fish falls into water matt looks crestfallen* " did you hear the noise it made? splunk! haha"
  5. ok kinda weaving between three names at the moment your commets on good name would be much appreciated! -small fat children on sticks - would explain but may take a whil. internal joke - Flange- pretty obvious -Mounted - name of school attended, like the whole double meaning nothing to deep as you can tell, believe it or not we are actually very serious about this... ok website address in sig... incase cant see it (?!) Small Fat Children On Sticks no tracks recorded as pretty new band, but we're getting there we have a demo tape but its a demo TAPE so cant upload it.
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