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  1. But Matt always plays it weird For starters, he plays it (picking) close to the neck... IMHO that's quite a waste of energy, since the strings amplitude is greater there... I pick it more towards the bridge (but that makes it sound a bit more treble-ish)... Second, he rests his hand (fingers) on one of his pickups. I know his joints are hyper flexible, so he seems to pick 'in-line' with the string, but it doesn't help me. Resting my hand on the bridge is somewhat more comfortable for me, but you can also pick it with your hand floating. Third, his fretting fingers are lifted way to high above the string imho, it looks like he is 'hitting' the strings with his fretting hand, almost like a very hard hammer-on (but for that, you kinda bend your fingers more)... So I personally don't think it's a good idea to adapt Matt's technique esp. for SS My 2 cents
  2. Did you make it ALL blue now? I liked it better when there was still some chrome coming through...
  3. I would suggest spraying in blue/purple, but not the same way as Matt's... What I would do is spray around all the 'hard edges' (that means: the edges where the neck is put on, the pickups are placed, where the trem is, where the knobs are, etc). Spray it thicker on the edge and softer outwards, I think it will accentuate all the components nicely! I have no PS here at work, but maybe I'll give it a try when I'm home...
  4. I thought I read somewhere that they used some digital phaser that was put reaaly slowely and with a lot of amplitude (on the solo) and that they used it slightly on the rest of the song. That you hear a phaser is correct, but that doesn't rule out the option to use chorus Wasn't it recorded with his black manson directly into the mixing board? That was the reason why the riff is so 'bright' and pure sounding.
  5. IMHO the harmonics live are way muddier than the album version (they've probably enhanced that bit anyway). The thicker sound is due to the chorus. It's the same kind of sound you hear on the Hullaballoo version of Dead Star (esp. the intro).
  6. Since chorus IS a modulation effect, I still think he uses it. And ofcourse it's a rack unit producing it, because he's gone all digital (MIDI) now I'm pretty sure it's a slight chorus. It can be very suttle, yet noticable.
  7. I think it's a small amount of chorus he uses... Defenately a small amount, because the harmonics don't stand out so much with a lot of chorus.
  8. I think that was Matt's knowledge of computers Since windows is just the operating system (ofcourse) and I doubt it if they used an Apple that there would be a programm called that way But seriously, I read that too and what I can recall it was used for the synth effects and layering mostly. But hey, a studio production involves a LOT of those things. There's a sound sample of Rich working on SS in the studio btw, it's on the muse site afaik, you can hear all the minor adjustments he makes
  9. You're brilliant... But you're missing the point between a couple of milliseconds delay which you can't reduce, simply because you have to digitally duplicate an analog signal and a delay which has controllable delay... And afaik I have NEVER seen a phaser with controllable delay and sweepecho doe more than a phaser-with-delay... But I think I'll just say you're right and you're happy
  10. Sigh it is NOT a delayed signal, it's a duplicate signal that goes from in phase (hance the name: phaser) to out-of-phase making the sound either thicker or thinner... There ya go, now just accept it's a phaser And yes it sounds like a slow wah, bacause a wah basicaly does the same thing, but mostly is controlled by an expression pedal, except fo autowahs...
  11. You cannot just rip the delay out of a delay effect, trust me on this one... It's a phaser nothing more... Just because your phaser doens't go so slow doesn't mean it isn't one Afaik he used a very old phaser model, can't remember the name.
  12. The "woosh" is just a phaser. The sweep echo isn't enywhere near that sound and you can't get it either, simply because it's a delay... And yes, I can tell, cause I have it I thought on the record he used his black manson (thus with FF) not through an amp, but directy into the mixer and a synth. That's why you get such a "non-bassy" sound on the record. Live he might be playing it only through the Diezel distortion, but I still think he uses the FF, cause he mostly plays with the black manson or either his 'old' silver one... For me, I always use the Line6 Fuzz amp modeler, sounds about as nice, esp when you select a cab with high gain and low bass...
  13. Then how the hell do you play guitar at all? The whole song is just alternate picking all the way (execption for the harmonic bits maybe). The chorus might be downstrokes, but that's because Matt always plays silly downstrokes (like citizen erased), I dont have enough speed for that... But alternate picking is good anyway.
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