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    All albums on CD
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    Hullabaloo DVD
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    All of the 7" releases except for Uno & Cave
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    1. Ahoy Rotterdam, Holland 2003
    2. Pinkpop, Holland 2004
    3. Rock Am Ring, Germany 2004
    4. Roskilde Festival, Denmark 2004
    5. Rock en Seine, France 2004
    6. Earl's Court, England 2004
    (Hurricane, Germany 2006)
    7. Stockholm, Sweden 2006
    8. Lowlands, Holland 2006
    9. Berlin, Germany 2006
    10. Den Bosch, Holland 2006
    11. Antwerpen, Belgium 2006
    12. Pinkpop, Holland 2007
    13. Rock im Park, Germany 2007
    14. Wembley, England 2007
    15. Roskilde Festival, Denmark 2007
    16. Antwerpen, Belgium 2009
    17. Ahoy Rotterdam, Holland 2009
    18. Nijmegen/Goffertpark, Holland 2010
    19. Wembley, England 2010
    20. Ziggo Dome, Holland 2012
    21. Amsterdam ArenA, Holland 2013
    22. Loreley Freilichtbühne, Germany 2013
    23. Pinkpop, Holland 2015
    24. Rock Werchter, Belgium 2015
    25. Ziggo Dome, Holland 2016
    26. Brussel, Belgium, 2016
    27. Berlin, Germany, 2016

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  1. Same problem, does anyone have a code for me?
  2. I saw the setlist, what a bummer So you did manage to get a locker, what time did you get in?
  3. Ja, en bovendien gaan die lui praten als er een rustig nummer gespeeld wordt Nederlands publiek is inderdaad vrij afwachtend. Maar goed, gewoon niet teveel op letten en zelf lekker doen waar je zin in hebt. En als mensen daardoor last van je hebben, jammer dan. Ik ga woensdag in ieder geval weer lekker genieten
  4. I'm looking for a hotel in Brussel, but the neighbourhood of Palais 12 doesn't look very appealing. Does anybody know if you can easily travel by public transport to Brussel Centre, some time after the concert?
  5. I'm thinking about going to one of the London gigs, but I'm reading...what's the English word...different things about the sound at the O2. Is it as bad as some people say it is?
  6. That's one funny video! Just brilliant.
  7. completely agree, but the funny thing is though: I liked it better this time than I did on the last tour...it still sucked. I miss CE
  8. thanks! They should have replaced Resistance with any other song thoug...that was terrible.
  9. Sunburn was awesome. I've heard it played live before, but only on guitar (I think...). This was soo much better It was a great gig. Good mix of old ánd new songs. And I was happy that they played LS instead of Save Me...
  10. It was absolutely incredible. Good setlist, great visuables. My god, this was my 20th Muse-gig...
  11. At Brabanthallen we were there around 11/12 I think. We did que for a long time. So I still get pissed off by the thought of one asshole photographer who made photo's during the whole gig (instead of during the first 2/3 songs). He blocked the front rows view for about 80 minutes...
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