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  1. Photos are amazing! I think I was stood about 2 behind you when you were at the center. I don't have that many photos that are great, definitely none that turned out as well as yours: http://www.flickr.com/photos/71901424@N08/ IMG_0735 by philibobuk, on Flickr IMG_0740 by philibobuk, on Flickr IMG_0752 by philibobuk, on Flickr
  2. The only bad think I could think of about the Emirates was getting out, I'm sure the stairways were narrower than Wembley (could have been my imagination, it's been nearly 2 years since I was at Wembley) so it took ages of being stood in the rain to get out of the stadium. Probably didn't help with the crowd that there was an issue with the overground, but I was expecting lots of people outside the stadium when it finished anyway.
  3. Just got 2 seated tickets *Really* wanted standing but will take the seated over nothing.
  4. Standing tickets had gone before the page even loaded for me, thought I had tickets for the other night but it turns out they don't hold your ticket while you fill out your details... :'(
  5. Got an reply back from CrowdSurge, my email seems to have been caught somewhere, but it looks like they are still replying at least. Also from the sounds of it I was actually entered/my email was validated correctly but was just unlucky, as opposed to something being broken somewhere so I'm a little happier now Now I just have to hope I'm lucky in the sale tomorrow.
  6. That's who I contacted, got a reply in 15 minutes before 10am this morning, but basically told me to check my spam folder (which I'd already done and even looked through every line in the spam logs to see all the rejected and temporarily rejected mails). Sent a 2nd message and haven't heard back since.
  7. Voted no, still haven't received any sort of email (at least I know I've been unsuccessful as I've got my money back now) and not getting any response from Crowdsurge. The thing that's also annoying is that some people seem to have got a pre-sale link for 9am tomorrow in their unsuccessful email and others didn't... My muse.mu account was created automatically for me from my forum account when muse.mu accounts were originally set up, I wonder whether this caused any issues...
  8. Has anyone else not got an email about this yet? I contacted Crowdsurge and was worryingly told that all emails should have been sent out now and if I wasn't successful look on muse.mu for details about the general sale. Seems like I'm never going to get tickets for this
  9. Also still have no email yet, hoping for one if it has some sort of pre-sale link. The money that was being held for the tickets has been released/is available again so I know I've been unsuccessful.
  10. I am slightly worried about the amount that's been allocated, if there are a lot, then it'll be next to impossible (as if it wasn't going to be already) to get standing tickets in the general sale.
  11. http://muse.mu/news/article/781/uk--european-tour-announced/ is less ambiguous I am slightly wishing I'd gone for a gig I think less people might apply for so I'd have more chance now...
  12. I log in there with my forum details so I guess it's the same email, submitted that one anyway, just crossing my fingers that it's the right one to use so I at least have a chance...
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