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  1. we want pics of the bands!!!!
  2. i bought the same : so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. thanks for all these pics!!!!! does it exist others pics? we want to see them!!!
  4. why don't you forget to ask them to signed my 2 drawing Gocanux... i m so sad... http://img91.echo.cx/img91/5116/dsc003069fw.jpg http://img137.echo.cx/img137/1152/dsc003092xp.jpg but i m happy for you Immortal!!!!!!!!!!! can we see all the pics of muse you took??
  5. you're so lucky... Gocanux told me she would signed my 2 drawing by the band, but i think she has forgotten... i m so sad... sniff, sniff :'( one of matt : http://img137.echo.cx/img137/1152/dsc003092xp.jpg and one of dom http://img91.echo.cx/img91/5116/dsc003069fw.jpg
  6. i want to see your signed drawing, lucky girl...
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