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  1. Best = Newborn, or maybe Bliss Worst = Hysteria ^ __ ^
  2. Oh, poor spiderman! But he has to die, it is a worthy and noble sacrifice considering muse pix have to go on the wall. I hate when theres a really goos picture of matt spread over 2 pages, its a right bugger to cut it out and get the two sides on the wall.
  3. Thats cool, yknow. 16s not that great. GCSE's, *groan* But I did okay..so... You were talking about what ur doing in college a while ago, i think... Im gonna be a genetic engineer! *cackle* Im gonna clone muse and there'll be pocket sized matts for everyone.
  4. Aawww, cool!!!! I feel all fuzzy and warm now. Can I put you on mine? Okay I really am going soon. Need to sleep to get rid of crippling migraine due to hours on messageboard ~X~X~X*E*~X~X~
  5. Well, bye peeps, off now to tempt my big boy friends to promise to do their best to obatin drumsticks for me in the future that was the longest convo ive ever had on this board, coolio. ~*~E~*~
  6. Aaw, thats pretty cool. Im gonna befriend some bouncers now Maybe I should become a roadie! Or a security guard at da concerts. But then Id have to deal with mad fans like me... hmmm....
  7. I wasnt too far from stage either. Wow, I would have picked up all the bits of confetti and put them in a bag and treasured them forever, Sid! Good on ya. I got some fotos tho, which is something I guess. Thoughts of the day... Muse only played because YOU want them to! You were in the same room as Muse! They played just for you! ~X~X~X~Xheheh~X~X~X~X~
  8. Aaw, cheers mate, that sounds about right. I remember him saying "Thoughts of a dying" and not saying atheist at the end, and I remember he got some lines in Stockholm S mixed up. Awwwww. Didja get a balloon? I wanted a black one.
  9. What a polite lad. They didnt really say anything at wembley last year. Well, matt did, but he said it too fast, in fact the whole place was silent for about 8 seconds, you could practically feel everybody straining to understand his tumbling, supersonic speech, but nobody got it. I think it was something about Showbiz.
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