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  2. Something compressed for the intro, nothing too wet lol. Just like a simple marshal dry distortion with no reverb, and the treble pot on full.
  3. Well the way I see it you don't have to stop playing, as the cooler sounds (I think anyway) happen when you're actually holding a note with the left hand, and tweaking the stab with the right hand. So the right hand, instead of picking, is altering the fuzz factory pots. So nothing is really lost for me.
  4. Hey guys and gals. I've just made a little recording (it's rather bad, but never mind) of me playing about with the fuzz factory inbuilt in my guitar. If anybody wants it, if they want to see what the inbuilt version sounds like, just add me no msn and give me a shout. We can talk fuzz : ) . kanefulton@gmail.com.
  5. I have a fuzz factory built into my guitar, activated by two little black knobs just under the bridge. Stick a delay effect and it sounds like a flying saucer!! It is so fun. ER
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