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  1. yeah man... am there from either thursday night or friday morning.. looking forward to seeing Pearl Jam and secret machines.. as well as Muse of course.. are you going????
  2. yeah man... check out the pics on myspace.. me wit ma funky marcus millar fender jazz bass.. im easy to spot http://www.myspace.com/ernestband
  3. LUCKY !!!!!!!!! cheeky wee fucker !!!!! lol come check out out RATM meets Pink Floyd super funk..
  4. have posted here before, but couldn't resist.... we're playing Leeds Carling on the Sunday.......... on the Topman stage at 12.45.. http://www.ernestnet.com http://www.myspace.com/ernestband http://www.bbc.co.uk/manchester/content/articles/2006/08/03/020806_ernest_feature.shtml
  5. hey hey http://www.myspace.com/ernestband have a listen.. see what ya think.. ernest
  6. Ernest

    Marvin the Buchla

    ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... thats looks ace... what is it???? looks like a lie detector....
  7. Then the prosecution rests it case... Hull Ernest rock, and any other bands with the same name should quake in fear before the gavel of Judge Trufax.... good work team.. http://www.ernestnet.com
  8. Dude.. no worries.. we're on the case.. we've known about them for a couple of years.. we had the name registered first with the International something or other.. As far as they're concerened, until one of us has the money for a court battle it dont matter.. we've been touring for the last 3 years under this name and aint gunna change it now..lol.. but thanks for the message. AND.. we freekin rock, and they dont... ( does that stand up in court )
  9. dudes.... http://www.myspace.com/ernestband some new Ernest stuff... "Puppies" is gunna be a single so there is only a clip of it, but "Routine" is a live recording from a local studio where we did a session.... enjoy, give us some feedback..
  10. We.. " Ernest " are playing at The Attik in Liecester on 23rd March.. and some peolple off here are coming to see us...... best get some practice in..lol http://www.ernestnet.com check out the other dates.. we are headlining at Camden Underworld on 17th March... which is nice i just started a new message board.. feel free to register..
  11. Ernest dates in the nxt few weeks..... Sun 24th Oct, Jailhouse, Coventry Thur 28th Oct, Josephs Well, Leeds. Tue 2nd Nov, Linnet and Lark, Hull Fri 5th Nov, not sure.??? Sat 13th Nov, W14 club, London Tue 16th Nov, Liberties in Town, Middlesborough Sat 27th Nov, Fenton, Leeds. Dates TBC for Nov... C18 york, Night and Day Manchester and Cavern Liverpool, Josephs Well Leeds cheers dudes http://www.ernestnet.com http://www.angelfire.com/indie/ernest0/index.html
  12. alternativly, just add me.. pushbuttons@hotmail.com to msn messenger, and i'll send em to ya, ive got broadband so shouldnt take to long. or pm me home address, and i'll post a proper copy to ya.. with lyrics and all.
  13. dude. thanks V much. i play bass. I will put the first 2 up again next week, if you didnt already get them. we do hope that we are slightly different, so your comments are warmly recieved. I think we are round your way sometime in Nov. will post some tour dates on here when i get chance.. http://www.ernestnet.com feel free to post something on the message board of our site. the rest of the site is been re written as we speak.. cheers
  14. The last time i came to leicester, i ended up in Charles street police station. what a story that is...meeting random girls off the internet, who are actually living with someone else, then they go missing, the police go on her PC, find mails from me, and im prime suspect...yey anyway, I digress i do know it quite well. charlotte is a great venue. i think we might be able to get a gig there or at the at attik.. have you been there.?? re. the CD.. pm me your address, and i'll post you one for nowt.
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