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    Anthony, Anton, Tony, Tony the Tiger
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    Drinking. Tennis, Football. Xbox.
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    The Presets, Innerpartysystem, Frankmusik, She Wants Revenge, LMFAO, Boys Noize, Empire of the Sun, SHY CHILD, Hellogoodbye, Shiny Toy Guns, The Faint
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    Club Dread, Dog Soldiers, Wild Country, Waiting, Dawn of the Dead, Dance of the Dead, any zombie movie, Beerfest, Super Troopers, Puddle Cruiser, Severence, Ronin, Old Boy, The Wizard of Gore (!!!!). I'll be here all day- not very fussy. Mostly zombie movies and comedy horrors.
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    Screenwipe, HIGNFY, Mock the Week After Dark: I'm Dara Ó Briain and This Is My Penis.
  • Favourite Books
    Anything. Books are the best entertainment.
  1. Dude, happy birthday! We're still equal :p

  2. I love your signature.

  3. I know but I'm getting all giddy and liEk wOW with the new album. I think I'm regretting not getting a ticket now.
  4. basically when you look at the sound wave (the squigly thing) very top and very bottom of it is cut off.
  5. revolutionize our two best songs are there (not feeling good, of course ) any feedback would be great! the rest of our songs are here
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