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  1. Why the hell should anyone have to work to get into a concert when every other show in the hemisphere, sells tickets or accepts a cover charge? Who the hell is the promoter for this show? They've gotta have a stick up their ass or what?
  2. No one's got any more info as to where the show will actually be held or when tickets are going on sale. Later dated shows in other locales are already listed on ticketmaster. The mod club website is no help either. Just venting right now... ... I got a feeling the world is plotting against me ever really getting to enjoy Muse anywhere near my terms. -Gotta wait 6 months for domestic release of an album that went #1 in the UK. -Can't get any reliable info about the concert in my locale. I'd settle for a show out in London or Niagara or even little ol' Thorold (probably misspelled that one) for cryin' out loud. Front 54 was a really horrible club the one time I made the trek down there just to see a band perform for 30 minutes. Still venting... ...
  3. Not trying to piss anyone off but I've never really liked going to all ages performances. I've always preferred the more laid back attitude that comes from a slightly older (I'm talking middle-aged people here folks) audience. But I can't really understand what some of you are going through, all the shows I saw (or wanted to see) as a teen were at all ages or at venues which didn't have to deal with making all their profits off the liquor. Places like the SkyDome and Markham Theatre (best place around here to see a show, by FAR, but a group like Muse would never, EVER play there).
  4. according to cduniverse.com 1. Apocalypse Please 2. Time Is Running Out 3. Sing For Absolution 4. Stockholm Syndrome 5. Falling Away With You 6. Hysteria 7. Blackout 8. Butterflies And Hurricanes 9. Small Print, The 10. Endlessly 11. Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist 12. Ruled By Secrecy
  5. As it currently stands, Hullabaloo will not be released in North America. There is no region 1 version of Hullabaloo. North America retailers won't carry it because of that fact. I've got the region 9 (all region?) version of it in Australia and had it shipped here. I can only get it to run on my DVD-ROM. Buy it online, that's your best bet and hope your DVD can read different regions.
  6. The import has a sale price of 15.99 while the domestic is still at the MSRP. New releases get their sale price the sunday before release usually. I could be wrong though. Not sure 'bout the release date being pushed back though. 9 days?
  7. What is it with British bands that the American's don't get but Canadians seem to pick up on. Jamiroquai, Robbie Williams and The Darkness and to some extent Genesis (the Peter Gabriel period). All seem to have stronger followings in Canada than they do south of the 49th.
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