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  1. No importa cuál es su prioridad entre la optimización de su inversión o su financiación Préstamos Rápidos, la decisión correcta en el pronto pago a menudo termina la satisfacción de ambas opciones. En nuestro ejemplo, el 36,7% es un gran retorno de la inversión y una alta tasa de interés del préstamo, por lo que tomar el descuento, e incluso préstamos a un costo de hacerlo, satisface ambos objetivos. Puede anualizar la tasa anual de descuento de su proveedor mediante el uso de esta calculadora y luego juzgar en su oportunidad.

  2. Sounds very full and rounded, but the vocals were rather drowned out. But apart from that I thought it was good
  3. Nope it isn't, just the root chords... not the actual shape of the arpeggios
  4. It sounds like it's a synth construction to me, rather than a real piano part. But if anyone HAS worked it out, I'd love it too... to look at and know I'll never be able to play it that fast, probably
  5. I stand corrected. Apologies.
  6. Frutiger is a Mac font, I believe. Not sure it's available on PC. I have it on the Mac but that might not be much use to any of you.
  7. Yes it is really. On the Hullabaloo DVD the total sound is excellent. Now I know this was mastered and all the rest of it, but it doesn't sound as if Bellamy's voice has been put through Pro-Tools. Although I suppose they recorded it over two nights and played most of the tracks at each so they had the opportunity to use the better of each one...
  8. I prefer listening the the studio recordings of most of these songs. The live ones are great but the studio ones are even better. Anyone know how much work they had to do on the Hullabaloo songs? In the Maida Vale live tracks there are some bum notes and his singing occasionally departs from being in tune and this surprised me, having heard Hullabaloo. Or was he just having an off day then?
  9. I suppose I just think it's a shame there's this one weak spot in their overall abilities. Not all their lyrics are weak, but some of them are a bit naff. Absolution is using loads of quasi-religious language but none of the songs say a great deal. NOTE this is my opinion and I know lots of you will disagree...
  10. Microcuts too. Although Eternally Missed... "once heard, never forgotten". In other words I've had it going round and round my head for the last week non-stop. Oh, and lyrically I think Muse are rather weak. But who cares when the melodies are so great...
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