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  1. I mishear things constantly and there are more lyrical mistakes that I've made than I have time to type out but here are some of the more salient/annoying ones: Sober: "You're so sullen" Bliss: "Give me all the bliss and don't read my mind" I have no idea why I thought this was viable but this is what I though Futurism was: "Ground in/Boxed in/Like an emu in your hands/Ground in/Boxed in/I am soooo confused" Sing For Absolution: "A kiss that conqured you" Thoughts of a Dying Atheist: "Look at a famous guy" instead of "Look through a faithless eye"
  2. both of these are from kerrang march 2001 sorry to burst the groupie bubble but... matt: "you get that sort of stuff [sex etc.] going on the road, but you've got to be careful. if i do do something like that, i prefer to spend my time with people who aren't necessarily fans of the band. i think it's a dangerous thing to do with people who are fanatical about the band, about any band. there's a couple of experiences that dom has had where people have ended up following him around, going to every single gig. it's something i'm a bit wary of, because i don't want to give out the wrong impression." matt: "the thing that topped it off was that we woke up one morning, and the field next to the studio was covered in magic mushrooms. so we picked them all and spent the next four days naked in a jacuzzi" hahahaha
  3. so basically i'm fucked then...i wonder if my dad's laptop has a dvd player, not that he would let me use it THIS is what the industrial revolution may never have ocurred without...standard, interchangable parts...or in this case formats. guess mr gates didn't do so well in history eh? er, sorry...got carried away lol
  4. you see that wouldn't be much of a problem if it wasn't a trans-atlantic return trip and there are no hmv's in the states
  5. if there's already a thread like this i'm sorry. i searched, i swear. i got the hullabaloo dvd from hmv.co.uk a couple of weeks ago and tried to play it in my roomate's ps2 console up at school. that didn't work so i figured it was the fault of megan's POS playstation. when i came home last week i tried it in our family's dvd player and it said something about how the disc wasn't readable. has anyone else experienced similar problems or did i just get a faulty disc set? damn technology
  6. are you planning on going to university after high school...if so i think i know where all your money will be going i graduated from high school last year and i'm poorer now than i've ever been
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