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  1. Rather upsettingly, the strains of affording a mortgage by myself are getting a little too much and I might have to sell my beloved Manson MA-2, which I bought just a month or 2 ago... http://www.mansons.co.uk/product/manson-ma-2-electric-guitar-dry-satin-black-4646 Exactly as above with rosewood neck + I had a sustainer fitted, so the same pick-up combo as you would get in the MB-2, bought direct from Mansons for a total of about £1,600 including case and Manson leather strap. Would accept £1,450 + P&P for it all, sensible offers considered! Drop me an e-mail at ben.huggins@mac.com if you're interested or want any more info!
  2. OK, so I've had delivery of my new 2nd hand MB-1 and it's just awesome; a dream to play. I've had a search on the forum for how to connect up my KP2 but with no luck (could search for hours...) Can anyone help out? I've got a MIDI cable, plugged it in both ends and nothing happens, tried doing various things but still nothing (noob here). Thanks
  3. Completely got my days wrong and missed this - does anyone know what songs were aired? Can anyone upload the ones we don't already have on youtube?
  4. Can anyone find the newer videos on YouTube?? I've tried searching for them and all I can find are the original ones we got (uprising, US, Bliss etc) Cheers
  5. Can anyone recommend a keyboard for around the £250 mark? I'm really not sure how much buys what, but ideally I would like a full set of keys (88 I think?), weighted keys to imitate a 'proper' piano, some effects would be nice, an arpeggiator if possible - Is it realistic to expect all this at this kind of price level? Thanks for your help in advance!
  6. http://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/electric_amps_detail.asp?stock=08101611310328 So you'd recommend this? (The ac15/30 seem to be slightly out of my price range ) How would a 15w valve amp compare to a standard 30W??
  7. At the moment I've got a Marshall MG30Fx amp and am thinking of selling it in for a vox valve amp. I'm definitely a noob when it comes to amps, so could someone run me through the pros and cons of valve amps against standard ones? And any suggestions to vox amps? Probably around £150 and want it to go to the same level as my current Marshall, but hopefully a better quality sound. In built effects aren't too important to me as I have a pod x3 live. Thanks for peoples help in advance!
  8. Anyone planning to upload some videos onto youtube of their MB-1 in action? All I can find is someone playing Starlight, and the one of Musecasters having a go on one in the shop when they were first introduced..
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