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  1. Dore said I could come up with her in Feb... maybe. I would love a noodly hug :happy:

  2. Yay! In February?

  3. You promised that when you moved you would Skype with us. Now is the time Noodle-face, now is the time.

  4. I'm on skype and you're not :(

  5. God Tom, you suck. Thanks though :happy:

  6. Why? September 2014 I start, finish in 2017.

  7. Skype breaks my 'puter :(

  8. Not until next year, sonny jim.

  9. She must either hate you or love you, not sure which... :erm:

  10. From me? I was either more drunk than I realised or Dore sent it...

  11. Lucy

    It is done my lovely.

  12. I can only remember a bit of it, but you were lovely.



    Check you out, appearing in all the lady-musers' dreams. ;)

  13. You were in my dream last night :unsure:

  14. Yay, I might get famous for Physics, in which case I'll remember you. Far more likely I'll just become an uber-geek :rolleyes:

  15. Okay sweet'art, see ya sat'dy.

  16. Will you remember me when you are famous?



    Be my fwend? :$

  18. Oh thanks <3

  19. Nope, sadly not. Oh and my 'idea' was originally to record a voice message and put it on the CD but then I forgot! Ooo I'm awesome? Awesome! I wasn't sure how the retro CD would go down, seeing as I don't know what music reaches NZ!

  20. Yay! Congratulations, I still have no idea who mine is from.

  21. Thanks! Very kind of you :)

  22. Ah a Truro High girl, I went to Truro School, we had boys :p


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