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  1. Dore said I could come up with her in Feb... maybe. I would love a noodly hug :happy:

  2. Yay! In February?

  3. You promised that when you moved you would Skype with us. Now is the time Noodle-face, now is the time.

  4. I'm on skype and you're not :(

  5. God Tom, you suck. Thanks though :happy:

  6. Why? September 2014 I start, finish in 2017.

  7. Skype breaks my 'puter :(

  8. Not until next year, sonny jim.

  9. She must either hate you or love you, not sure which... :erm:

  10. From me? I was either more drunk than I realised or Dore sent it...

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