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  1. Existen términos de ventas que debe adoptar para cada situación creditos rapidos con asnef y sin papeleos, pero el aspecto importante es darse cuenta de la situación financiera de su empresa y adoptar el comportamiento correcto. Muchas empresas no van a tomar su descuento por pronto pago a pesar de que tienen un flujo de caja positivo, y otros pagarán rápidamente, pero tienen un alto nivel de endeudamiento en cualquier otro sitio. Gestión del flujo de caja es de hecho una parte importante de sus negocios.

  2. If anyones up for doing showbiz im up for doing the guitars for it.
  3. think its called a search lead. You can get the red/ white ones to a guitar jack.
  4. Ok i will after neighbours, tho ive only changed volumes so if you could record the vocals on a seperate track would be a lot better cos i still need to work on the volumes lol
  5. Ill need to touch up the volumes first before you post them
  6. Suppose you replied first... Get some halls soothers! lol
  7. Does anyone want to provide the vocals for Starlight? Oeneus and I have finished all the instruments, just need vocals. First person to reply gets it
  8. Soon to be 3, in fact tomorrow will be 3. (according to dwydav)
  9. Starlights almost done, ive just got to record a few bits and its all yours
  10. Cool! That was well fast! Errm have you got msn? can add me on boxed2003 at hotmail.com
  11. haha yea i saw it! And they showed the one where he joined clown college
  12. "Hahaha look at this country.. you are gay . hahahahha" Love the simpsons
  13. Am recording using a mic, i tried using the line input and it sounded totally shit. For KOC i need the tab for the chords he picks during the verses, i cant find it, sounds very similar to the notes played in new born
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