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  1. Yeah I saw some of them in the neighbourhood ( Lafayette is about 10 minutes walking from avenue Bourguiba where the thugs destroyed shops!

  2. Happy birthday James <3

  3. Happy birthday lovely <3

  4. Hey Alex, did you get my PM?

  5. We don't have a system that allows to send money abroad but I think the gvt will set up something to collect food and clothes and such.

  6. Hi from Tunisia, I hope you're doing better :(

  7. Happy birthday babe x

  8. It's OK bb, I will keep asking around :chuckle:

  9. No, it's not that, I deleted everyone and then I added the people I talk to the most :LOL:


    I have Bitorrent but I can't download and I found the file :(

  10. Me too :LOL: I was like what? befriend Seregon?!!!

  11. Syntax- Meccano Mind.


    Some arsehole at work, blocked Torrentz!

  12. Tash!


    Can you download something for me please?

  13. Dore? can you please download something for me? someone at work blocked Torrentz :(

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