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    born in nyc. i'm ecuadorian, i go to long island university @ Brooklyn and planing to become a nurse
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    new jersey,USA
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    music, travel, drawing, soccer, etc.
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  1. hey all! if anyone can answer this would b great. this is the first time my bro and i are goin to the prudential center. im going there early cuz i got floor tickets but my bro might come later because he might work. can he easily go in and meet me in line????
  2. this is what it said on my emial: Seat location: section GA3, row GA4, seats 115-116. when i printed the receipt on the description section it says: general admission floor(standing- no chairs in GA) sooo i don't know. as long as its a good view and the fact that im going then im happy!!
  3. i have met them twice. it was way easier meeting them when they were playing in small venues. i tried for msg and we found out that they left from another exit or something like that. i guess what u can do is b all nice to the security guards and ask them. thats what i did. good luck
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