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  1. This is S&M - not suitable for the innocent of mind http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sadomasochism
  2. Fellow poetry and psychology fans, I feel I may have overlooked an important detail. So far we have all been assuming that the whore is female. Now this is not the place to get into the issues of gender roles and sexism but I fear that both have been at play here. You'll notice that for most of the song Matt sings at a higher, Prince-like pitch, indicating his powerlessness and submissive state. When the SuperMassive Black Whore begins to sing "supermassive black whore", however, it's at a much lower, more masculine pitch. Friends, this allows me to draw only one conclusion..... Matt has been sucked into the SuperMassive black hole of gay S&M. We can now see another example of Bellamy's skills as a lyricist - "Queen" not only refers to the power dynamics in the relationship but also to the sexual orientation of the SuperMassive Black Whore. You may also notice how Dominic's drumming is quite different to his usual style. This signifies that he too is exploring new ground and is being sucked into the SuperMassive. The style of drumming is also electronic, perhaps a drum machine is being used. If this is the case, what has Dom been doing throughout the song? I can only hope that it did not involve ice cubes, candles and Matt's nipples..... If one listens very carefully during the final chorus you may hear that there is in fact a three part vocal harmony. The third, least obvious lower voice is singing what I may only describe as the words, "whip, whip, whip, whip, whip.......". Matt is undoubtedly aware of his fans' tendency to assign accronyms to song titles e.g PIB=Plug in Baby, TIRO=Time is Running Out etc. He knew that this song would inevitably become known as SMBH, especially as it is the first single and would be discussed intently on message boards. This accronym basically sums up what the song is about: S&M, Blatantly Homosexual. This song is written in a poppy style not because Matt and the boys wanted a chart topping single but for a much more subtle reason. Most fans of rock music who enjoy the odd bit of pop music consider it their own dark, dirty little secret; a secret which they would not like to share with the world. Practitioners of S&M have a similar attitude to their sexual adventures. Hence the most appropriate genre for a rockstar, comme Matt, to use to express his obsession with S&M is clearly pop. Now don't all you 'fans' who accused them of selling out feel a bit guilty??
  3. Note from Gem: I've merged the majority of Supermassive Blackhole threads as people seem to have one off questions and there was so many threads! So I thought I'd just make you one huge one x Most ppl are dismissing this song as a poppy song with poor lyrics but i think we should all step back and give the lyrics a deeper analysis. I believe that these lyrics clearly point towards Matt's love of S&M. First Verse: "oooh baby dont you know i suffer? oooh baby can you hear me moan? you caught me under false pretenses how long before you let me go?" Self Explanatory: Suffering and Moaning!! and he is clearly tied up/handcuffed. "you set my soul alight" refers to the burning of his chest with candle-wax. The chest is where many believe their soul is. 1"glaciers melting in the dead of night 2 and the superstars sucked into the Supermassive" We'll deal with this one line at a time... 1: this is a reference to the black-leather wearing clad dominatrix (supermassive black hole/whore) melting ice cubes onto Matt's sensitive nipples. Note the hyperbole - calling the ice cubes glaciers due to their seemingly large size when compared to his small nipples. This also indicates how painfull the experience was for him. 2: Matt is clearly the Superstar in this line, an innocent abroad who has been sucked into the dark and seedy world of S&M. SuperMassive. "i thought i was a fool for no-one ooh baby im a fool for you you're the queen of the superficial and how long before you tell the truth" This is an allusion to the power differential in their relationship - she is the queen(powerfull dominatrix) and he is the fool. Reference to the superficial supports my theory to the deeper meaning to the song. Matt wonders how long before she sells her story to the tabloids. SUPERMASSIVE BLACK HOLE This lyric seems to have two meanings: 1 Matt here is borrowing a technique used by Kurt Cobain where he pronounces words in such a way as to create an ambiguity in the mind of the listener.. e.g. In the song Lithium Kurt sings "i love you im not gonna cry/crack. In this song Matt's lyrics may say "hole"(see explanation of meaning below) but the pronunciation is also meant to sound like whore i.e. the dominatrix. Supermassive is again a reference to how powerful she is relative to him, to her he is merely a fool to be toyed with as she pleases. 2 This line also reiterates the point mentioned earlier: he has been sucked into the dark and seedy world of S&M (SuperMassive), which is like a black hole from which he can see no escape. Galaxies away if you will from his normal sexual activities(see previous post http://www.invictus.softmeg.com/forums.php?m=posts&p=16046#16046). You will also note that this song contains a lot more repitition than earlier muse songs. The constant moaning (oooooooh aaah) is merely the cry of a tortured superstar. The recurring glacier and soul alight motifs have been explained already. I hope you agree with me and look forward to hearing your thoughts on the meaning of the song
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