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  1. how did you go about putting on the mirror? just cut it to shape and glue it on or was it more complicated than that? it looks amazing
  2. after getting the Boss MT-2 for christmas I've been able to get a brill SS sound by feeding that into a big muff... very distorted, great harmonics
  3. schmoove thats awesome stuff, what do you play? really like the vocals. Looking forward to hearing more stuff
  4. Re: Probe If you're trying to switch it off do u not get all swooshy sounds before your foot reaches the bypass switch because it is directly above the probe?
  5. I don't have either but I'm guessing the probe is the alternative to having the knobs like wot matt has on his guitar. Instead of twisting them around mid-song making noises u put ur foot nearer... is that right?
  6. ahh cool, so its basically the same as the fuzz factory except it has the probe aswell which will mean I won't have to tape the pedal to my guitar to play with the nobs which I was planning to do if I had gotten the fuzz factory
  7. I was looking at the vid for the fuzz probe and it looks really cool but do you have to have your foot near it for the fuzz to be active or is there some little switch u press to have it constantly on like the fuzz factory. I'd imagine if u had to play a song that needed the fuzz for the whole song like The Groove it would be a pain in the ass standing with your foot angled over the probe for the whole thing
  8. Where did u guys order yer FFs? I have money 2 get 1 but my dad won't buy it with his credit card from d sites I've seen it for sale on. They don't look professional and my dad is afraid he will be robbed lol. He lemme get an amp from http://www.music123.com cause dat looks official. http://www.musictoyz.com/guitar/pedals/zvex1.php looks fairly genuine, anybody got 1 from there?
  9. I'm undecided on whether 2 get a FF or EHX Big Muff. Can d FF give u those great plunging noises matt makes everytime he slides his fingers down the fret board?
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