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  1. no, never seen this VOIVOD before. but I did make the design myself and i still have to finish this dragon head on top. it should be filled with black. or some color, have not decided yet how to do it.
  2. "I searched for muse tattoo thread and found thread that was getting stupid. I respect my tattoo much so i do a new thread for it, and I hope to keep this thread the main thread for only Tattoo pics. I don't even want your opinion, i Love my tattoo, so proud of it so here it is.." post more tattoo pics...
  3. my fathers wife (48) heard my MUSE absolution CD and she liked it, i gave her my CD and downloaded few older songs/videos for her also. i'm not sure what song got her to like them exactly, but she fell in love with Unintended of course
  4. yes, picture is from sunday at weston park, staffordshire.
  5. from the V 2004. makes good Desktop
  6. What picture if any do you have on your desktop?
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