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    Currently in first year of an English degree at Southampton Uni.
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    Analogue photography, lomography, piano, synths.
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    The Horrors, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Blur, The Birthday Party, David Bowie, The Smiths
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    Showbiz, Random 1-8, OoS, OoS radio promo in perspex case, Hullabaloo, Abs, BH&R, TR
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    Wembley Arena Nov 2003 - For my 13th birthday, Showbiz!!
    Earls Court Dec (19th) 2004 - Amazing night. Dead Star, Matt chuckng his guitar during TSP...
    Shepherd's Bush Empire July 2006 - THE BEST EVER. Seeing them at their first UK gig in years, before release of BH&R, free, and in a small venue = win.
    Wembley Arena Nov 2006 - So-so. Hoodoo and City of Delusion with Dan the Trumpet Man :D
    Wembley Stadium June 2007 - An enjoyable event... Gymnasts on balloons beautiful, but would rather have been standing.
    02 Arena Nov 2009 - Great. Restored my faith in Muse, as I'd hated The Resistance - boy does Exogenesis Pt1 sound amazing live though.
    Wembley Stadium Sept 2010 - Standing ticket confirmed!
  1. 7th time seeing them since Wembley Arena 2003, last night re-affirmed my faith somewhat! Enjoyed every minute. Incredibly happy to hear Take A Bow, I'd missed it in setlists, and Ruled By Secrecy was beautiful. MK Ultra, Bliss, Citizen Erased, and the effin' UFO were my highlights, but really the atmosphere and people in the crowd on the left towards the middle made the night that bit more special. I love that I actually full on laughed at some points because of the ridiculousness, but how that is NEVER A BAD THING with Muse
  2. My main problem is that apart from The Resistance stuff, which I'm not that keen on, I'm going to be seeing the same lot of songs I've seen at every gig I've been to since 2003 Also, Muse aren't the only band in the world with a complex light show and visuals, but they are the only band who would play the same set 4 times in a row in the first week of their new album tour.
  3. I got procrastinate-y and thought I'd do a breakdown of my setlist experience over the 5 times in 6 years that I've seen them. I've spent £££s on seeing the same core 10 songs or so played 5 times. And considering none of those sets were over 20 songs long...
  4. wembley arena 03 got showbiz, space dementia and forced in, they were the only 'surprises'. i've been out of the muse loop since wembley stadium pretty much (hardly listened to the resistance), that was the 5th time i'd seen them and though it was a good all round experience, it wasn't that special. if the setlists are going to be this static i'm not particularly looking forward to november 13th at the O2
  5. Hello there. Hope life is good.

  6. I think he's the Anthony man, or maybe Paul Someone. His name is on the Showbiz booklet? Vague, sorry
  7. They're on the set of the Weakest Link when he says that... I think Matt was just saying what it feels like to be onstage, he wasn't quoting anyone (don't remember a name). Wasn't it, "You are presented with yourself... and you are favourable." Or something.
  8. My parents think it sounds like chocolate adverts from the 80s. Flake + Milky Bar kid. Wahey.
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