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  1. I emailed customer service and they sent me a code, but my original code has just arrived! I don't need it anymore so if anyone wants it message me.
  2. Does anyone know how much tickets will be? I have searched the internet high and low to no avail!
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  4. heya, r u still around the muse board?

  5. i saw them at that gig, and hundred reasons werent too bad....well they did start to get fairly catchy by the end which is more than i can say for most support bands!
  6. well i suspect muse are somewhat bigger in amsterdam than they r in america so u shud have betta luck in finding the bugger, if not buy online! other dvds released are all single ones, theres a bliss one, time is running out and hysteria, and a bonus one on absolution. u mite struggle to find them all really. Dan
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