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    I have size ten feet. I like Muse. I play guitar
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  1. Hello. I am not sure on where to put my new Electro Harmonix Small Stone. My order is:- Telecaster/SG/Strat-Digitech Whammy 4-DS1-ProCo Rat- Wah-Chorus-Trem-Delay Where would the Stone fit? The rest of my unconventional set up is fine. Matt
  2. Im after on of these babys. I have a Big Muff USA, but it doesnt have the fuzz on the higher strings. I would kill for a FF, but i dont have the £209 that Mansons sell it for. Any Fuzz Factory owners - Where did you get yours? Matt
  3. Hi. I am wondering if you can tell me how to use an effects loop on a marshall amp. Do you have the line out from your pedals going into the loop and then an additional lead going into the amp? Please help!
  4. I am getting a whammy for my birthday, and i need help with effects setup. When i get it i will have: Whammy Crybaby Wah Electro Harmonix Big Muff Boss DS-1 Distortion Boss Chorus (double pedal) Boss DD-3 Delay How shall i set these up? Cheers, (for the gizillionth time!) Matt
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